• Look inward after bombing
    May 02,2013
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    The Boston bombings were devastating for many individuals, families and friends, and for Boston and the U.S. We all deeply grieve not only the loss of life and limb, but also the sense of loss of innocence and security.

    What is safe within the United States anymore? Sporting events, movie theaters, religious centers and schools are all examples of public venues that have been distorted through hate and violence.

    While I deeply mourn the tragedy that happened so recently in Boston, I must call into question the mediaís reaction to it. I believe that the American media has focused too deeply on the role of Islam in the decision to bomb the Boston Marathon.

    Yes, religious extremism may have played a part in the bombings, but it would be unfair and incorrect to assume that it is Islam in particular, and not extremism itself, that was a factor. The media would do well to focus less on the religious affiliation and national origins of the suspects, and more on the disturbing culture of violence rampant in America today.

    There was a great deal of harm done to individuals, families, the Boston and American communities, and broader communities including the sport community, not limited to our nationís borders, and the human community of which we are all members. The killing of innocents threatens our basic humanity, and incidents like the Boston bombing should raise critical questions about this culture of violence and hate.

    These incidents ought not incite feelings of hate and aggression toward members of a particular group. The message that I would broadcast if I had the power would be one of grief for the direct victims and for all of humanity that the unnecessary killing of innocents feels like an almost standard occurrence.

    It is my hope that we will look inward, not outward, for some of the causes of this tragedy, and focus on the victims and the way forward to prevent such tragedy in the future.


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