• Welcome decision on gravel pit
    May 03,2013
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    On April 30, the Act 250 commission, Springfield division, found in favor of Hawk Inn & Mt. Resort and the Salt Ash Owners Association (SAOA) over the permitting of a gravel pit operation adjacent to the resort.

    For over a year, this issue was a contentious one in the community, and after three months of deliberation, the commission denied the applicant his request based on not satisfying the Act 250 criteria in the following areas: traffic safety, aesthetics, earth extraction, roads and highways, non-compliance with the town plan.

    We in the Hawk community are pleased with this announcement, as it preserves the integrity and mission of the 1,200-acre resort compound and the amenities and services it provides to the community at large. Also,we congratulate the commission for its comprehensive and thorough investigation of the issues and its conclusions.


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