• Story overlooked many questions
    May 04,2013
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    Story overlooked

    many questions

    Shame on the Rutland Herald. On the front page of Monday’s issue you donated the bottom third of the page to a fluff piece about Will Hunter and his plans to turn Mount Holly’s Blue Spruce Inn into a facility for people released from the prison system. The paper devoted a total of 92 inches to this story and failed to get it right.

    You would think that within such a long article the writer would have mentioned that last fall there was a meeting in Rutland where the Department of Corrections said that it wanted a location in Rutland City for the needed services and opportunities for the women Mr. Hunter wants to bring to his center. The DOC wants to partner with a service agency in the city.

    Or perhaps it should have been mentioned that at the first Mount Holly public hearing on Mr. Hunter’s plan held in 2011, so many people showed up at the inn in opposition to the plan that the meeting had to rescheduled for the gym at the town’s elementary school. And when that second meeting took place Mr. Hunter was bombarded by question after question that he could not answer to the satisfaction of the town. It was the sense of the meeting that no one was questioning the need for such a facility. The big questions had to do with why Mr. Hunter wanted to locate the facility where, among other things, there are potential septic and flooding problems from a bordering river.

    The only thing Mr. Hunter’s plan has going for it is that he’s getting the inn for free. But there are many problems working against the plan.

    The Herald could have done a much better job in reporting this story. Making it into a fluff piece did the story a disservice.


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