• It’s money, not rights, driving Congress
    May 25,2013
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    It’s money, not rights, driving Congress

    Like the Internet, just because something is in the newspaper doesn’t make it true.

    In a recent letter, the writer says the majority of Vermonters oppose the control of guns. Where the writer found that information is unknown. The only evidence of the opinion of Vermonters I can find is from a poll from the Castleton Polling Institute that showed 82 percent were in favor of background checks, 71 percent favored closing the gun show loophole, 55 percent favored the sale of high capacity clips and 50 percent favored ending the future sale of assault weapons. Those numbers represent the views of gun owners.

    The numbers representing non-gun owners are higher. But, have no fear, your guns are safe. Nothing will be done to curtail your right to own guns, any number or type of gun. That is because money has bought our Congress. In order for any type of gun legislation to be enacted, the majority, which actually favors restrictions, will need to pool their money and buy Congress back.

    Don’t think for a second that Congress cares about your rights. They care about money.


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