• Remember raid in Island Pond
    June 17,2013
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    Remember raid

    in Island Pond

    How ironic that the Island Pond Raid would have taken place on June 22, 1984. Just as George Orwell had predicted in his futuristic book, “1984,” “Big Brother” was in full operation at Island Pond, Vt., that day. The “State,” as Orwell called them, raided the commune in Island Pond that day and will have its 40th anniversary next year. This so called “raid” was deemed by the court to be “grossly illegal” and after the children were ripped from their families, the judge sent them all back home that same day.

    I was drafted to be there as a social worker and know the truth. Remembering this outrage and violation of human rights will help to pound home to the bureaucrats in charge of state government that stepping on innocent children and families with their jackboots is a bad idea. Stopping for a moment to think about what they are doing may keep them in a job and keep all of us free.


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