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    By Rachel Cree Sherman | June 18,2013
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    PROVIDED Christopher J. (C.J.) Grimes offers an informational system called MySightSee.com, a digital concierge service for hotels.
    Christopher (C.J.) Grimes of Stowe has channeled his resources into a 21st-century informational system called MySightSee.com.

    The iPad guide, a digital concierge for hotels, provides guests with information regarding area restaurants, retailers, events and day trips at the touch of a fingertip: instant information for people who make travel plans on the fly.

    “It’s one of those concepts that I think is revolutionary and at the same time makes common sense,” said Grimes, who manages Stowehof resort, which is owned by his family.

    Tom Murphy, a friend in advertising and marketing, initially proposed a form of the concept to Grimes. The technology at the time didn’t support the vision, but Grimes continued to work with it, implementing a practical slant.

    They sought a universal application. “Hotel lobbies are where the customers are; it’s the best bottleneck to drive business our way,” he said.

    Though Grimes “bootstrapped” the project, all eight people now involved have “traded their expertise for sweat equity,” he said. “It’s the link between ownership and commitment, the benchmark of success — they get it.”

    A subscription costs $780 per year and includes content management, description, coupons, menus or brochures, a Google-mapping function, and other relevant additions. Information is changed remotely by the customer at any time. Categories are specific, with 36 subcategories.

    At this point, MySightSee is installed in 30 hotels in Burlington and Manchester, VT, and Albany and Saratoga, NY.

    The mailing address for MySightSee.com is P.O. Box 1455, Stowe, VT 05672. The telephone number is 1.888.320.0042. The Web site is www.mysightsee.com.
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