• Penny wise, pound foolish
    June 22,2013
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    I am somewhat amazed that the Brandon budget failed this week. After all, supposedly the board listened to the public this time. Who the “public” was is beyond me. As it certainly wasn’t “heavenly” advice they got or apparently received or followed.

    However the issue, I believe, the board is not being clear and fully explaining matters to the public.

    And as well as not telling the public about the town office building. For example, how much does the town have for money to spend on the renovations? How much does the town expect to receive in total funds for this project? Why haven’t there been other alternatives considered besides renovating the town office building? Why hasn’t the public seen the plans for renovations for the building? What was the total bid by the one contractor with all options included? Almost two years after Irene it seems like the public should know more than we do now.

    As I have stated before with so many unanswered questions, and many times that the public is told to go see this staff member or that one, is it any wonder that maybe there is little confidence in the board?

    It is to make people wonder and ask about the selectmen we have serving us that I and others ask these questions.

    I was and am against the budget presented for several reasons. The most important one being I believe the board is not looking to the distant future of Brandon, but to the short-term two or three years future of Brandon. As I was asked after a board meeting by a selectman what I have against the town office building, I stated nothing really other than it does not really and adequately meet the needs of Brandon’s future and current staffing levels and space. I was told it will do for now. Yes, people it may, however spending $500,000-plus-or-minus to fix that building for “now” is penny wise and pound foolish.


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