• Congress needs some balance
    July 01,2013
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    Congress needs

    some balance

    I just finished reading J.B. Hall’s letter of despair. It appears that he blames Obama for everything except the Colorado fires.

    The reason for his despair is that he obviously can’t read the fine print. Of course, we are experiencing a bad turn of events.

    I don’t think Mr. Hall remembers the father-son Bush team and the 16 years they single-handedly destroyed our relationship with the Asian part of the world. They were, and are, the people who own the oil product that we depend upon daily to supply so many of our needs.

    The grandstand plays of the father (parade in NYC after the first Gulf war) accomplished nothing so along came Bush #2 — “Bring it on” with a big celebration onboard an aircraft carrier, “Mission Accomplished” nonsense was displayed in big letters. So says he.

    This type of behavior has created the direct result of fuel at $3.50 and $4 a gallon now, Jim. History does repeat itself and a mindful person would be aware of that.

    The current failure is right in Washington orchestrated by the speaker of the House and his band of soreheads with the big capital R’s behind their titles.

    Yes, Jim, the next three-and-a-half years do look bleak unless we get a balanced Congress. In the meantime, I hope you don’t need any medical attention. In all their wisdom, the Feds have cut our budget yet again, causing another layoff at RRMC. That would be the hospital nearest the city you reside in.


    North Clarendon
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