• State’s attorney can’t be trusted
    July 19,2013
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    If Michael Kainen of Windsor County was correctly quoted (Rutland Herald, July 13, page 5) as saying, “But there is some perversion of the original concept of rights and ordered liberties when the Constitution is used to spring criminals so that they can continue to threaten, intimidate and peddle poison in the community,” he should resign.

    If he does not recognize that the constitutional guarantees of due process are essential to our system of justice, that they are the essential factor that gives the system legitimacy and commands respect, he should not hold his office. He does not deserve our trust.

    And if, as it appears, he feels it appropriate to treat suspects (not yet convicted) with vigilante justice, he should do so from private practice, perhaps move to a state with a stronger tradition of vigilantism, such as Texas or Mississippi. Can we be sure he will not connive in the fabrication of evidence? That he will ensure proper disclosure to defense attorneys? If the statement was correctly, quoted, the answer is no.


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