• Boaters wreckers piece of paradise
    July 27,2013
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    Recently I visited Vermont. As you recall, it was hot and humid. Locals recommended swimming “at the sandbar” in Lake Bomoseen. Sounded good. It’s actually a shallow sandy area, 3 to 5 feet deep, extending out from the shore some 300 yards. Total area: at least five football fields.

    Boy, was I disappointed. I’m thinking my own little bit of Green Mountain paradise. But nooo — the 50-plus boats with the same idea were bunched together along a narrow strip of water. Why not spread out over the sandbar?

    Where were the people and dogs urinating? Think about it: 250 people peeing in an area of water the size of a football field all day. Ewww! Could the ear infections, sore throats, and upset stomachs be a result?

    Some boats entered the recommended swimming area. Worldwide, boats and swimmers in the water are not compatible. Is anyone cringing?

    In 2011 it was impressive how y’all pulled together after Storm Irene. Perhaps the boaters I saw were not locals at all, but visitors who don’t care, therefore they felt free to indulge in loud music, trash, getting uncomfortably close, and even going onto private land.

    Relaxation and recreation are a must in our crazy-busy world. Stressed-out people make lousy neighbors. Robert Frost said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” In this case, fences might mean boat-free swimming areas, keeping a reasonable distance from private property and each other, a polite loudness level, and taking all trash away.

    You’ve got one of the loveliest lakes in the country. Respectfully enjoy your own piece of temporary paradise on the lake. I hope to return to Lake Bomoseen someday for a bit of Green Mountain refreshment. Will it satisfy or disappoint? Will I find Vermont Strong or — Vermont Wrong?


    Boise, Idaho
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