• Promoting Obamacare
    July 29,2013
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    Last month, as part of my annual physical, I had to undergo several tests. Luckily, they came out OK. Later, I got a statement showing lab costs, which were high but, thanks to my insurance company, I had to pay only a comparatively minor amount. Thank God for health insurance. However, there has been a push recently to stave off the beginning of Obamacare, and not to provide health insurance to people lacking it. This is, in a word, irresponsible. Obamacare provides health coverage to millions, and now they have to wait at least another year to get it. What will these people do if they encounter major medical concerns? Why don’t they deserve health insurance? Are we not in this world together to help and support each other? The new pope, Francis I, has been cited by the media as the Pope for Social Justice. Does not social justice mean that we are bound to assist our neighbors in need? In the end, we will all be called to answer for what we have done in this life, and that includes how we administered social justice to our neighbor; or how we didn’t. I trust we will all be in the first category. It seems to me that Obamacare should be implemented as soon as possible so that everyone, in the concept of true social justice, has health insurance and no one lacks the ability to get good and reasonable costing health care.


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