• Confronting risk of re-offense
    July 30,2013
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    The issues surrounding the final release of Timothy Szad raise some very complex and troubling questions. (Setting aside the sentencing practices and good time statutes in place at the time of his conviction.) I hardly think California will thank us for sending him to them, and it is quite likely that they will return the favor at some date. I fully understand the reaction of the citizens of Springfield to the idea of his living in that town. It would frighten anyone. At the same time, often the best protection against predators or criminals of all types following release is to have them living in communities that know them, recognize them and will keep a watchful eye on their whereabouts and behaviors. Absent that scrutiny, the risk of re-offense increases even more, and that is now the situation whatever community in California he is going to will face. It is also the situation some community in Vermont will (and probably unknowingly already does) face.


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