• Good care at Rutland ER
    July 30,2013
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    My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for the emergency care that I received at Rutland Regional Medical Center on Sunday, July 28.

    We live in New York state, but I serve as interim priest at Trinity Episcopal Church on West Street.

    On Thursday afternoon I developed an infection and spiked a 102.7 fever that night. I sought help in New York, but couldn’t get a prescription until Friday afternoon. My fever stayed high, and Saturday night our on-call doctor suggested going to the Glens Falls ER. We decided to try another night on the original medication and then, with the fever still over 102, came first thing Sunday to RRMC.

    The courtesy, efficiency and kindness of the staff were outstanding. They did the appropriate tests, almost admitted me, but finally thought it was safe to start me on a new antibiotic by IV and then send me home with my wife who is an RN with a lot of critical care experience. She was impressed by the high standard of cleanliness and good practice that she observed. We would particularly like to thank nurse Joan, technician Art and Dr. Henry Dimuzio.


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