• Sex offenders and the risk
    August 01,2013
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    Ms. Carbonell (“Confronting risk re-offense”) is right that in having an offender in a place where everyone knows him is better than having him in a place where he can operate incognito. Vermont Corrections made it pretty clear that this man will rape again when the opportunity arises.

    It seems odd to me that when an animal kills a human, namely a bear or a shark, that animal is hunted down and killed. That animal did not kill with malice aforethought; it killed for food or to protect itself or its young. Yet it’s assumed that because they have killed a human once they will again.

    I am in no way advocating killing these offenders. But it does seem odd that we allow the most dangerous of them to walk free, knowing that in the case of this man he will attack and rape children again given the chance.

    There is the ongoing case of Michael Jacques who allegedly killed his niece after convincing a judge he was cured and released from probation. His statement to the judge was straight from a treatment manual.

    There was the recent case in Wisconsin where a paroled offender unhooked his ankle bracelet and then quickly re-hooked it; leaving it behind. He then went out and kidnapped a mother and her 10-year-old daughter, killing the mother and raping the daughter.

    It should be understood that there is no such thing as a low-risk offender. It should also be understood that there is no possible way to truly know what the recidivism rate really is with sex offenders regardless of what the experts want you to believe.


    Fair Haven
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