• Vigilant about protecting lake
    August 01,2013
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    In light of the letters sent into the Herald’s editorial section on the use of Lake Bomoseen, perhaps a good idea would be to report the people and boats that are allegedly dumping trash and being obnoxious.

    Every boat has a registration number posted on it, and the state police have been very approachable in dealing with these matters. Vermont has a no-littering law which applies to the waterways as much as the land. I will be the first to turn these people in.

    I boat on that lake with my family and friends. I love that lake and would and will do everything in my power to see it preserved for my children’s children.

    To read some of these editorials, if you did not know any better, you’d assume the lake was a cesspool filled with debauchery. That is so far removed from the truth, it is ludicrous. We all enjoy the lake. Homeowners and boaters. There may be a couple bad apples, but you get that everywhere.

    I, for one, will be more vigilant in trying to remove this trash I keep hearing about so as to continue enjoying my weekend on beautiful Lake Bomoseen.

    And as far as the comment Sarah had made, not only are we Vermont strong, we the boaters are Bomoseen strong as well. If at any point, a reporter from any news agency would like to investigate this horrific overcrowding and trash problem on the lake, I will personally take them out with my family and friends to witness what the sandbar is about first hand.


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