• Zero sort to come to Poultney
    August 01,2013
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    By Lucia Suarez

    POULTNEY — Soon residents will not have to sort their different recyclables when taking them to the dump.

    Town Manager Jonas Rosenthal said earlier this week the town is finalizing some construction and infrastructure changes at the town’s transfer station so they can start offering single-stream recycling. He said they are constructing a new platform and have to finish the electrical work before they can kick off the new recycling program.

    He hopes to have it completed next week.

    “It allows the town to expand the types of recycling,” said Rosenthal about the program also known as zero sort recycling.

    The town entered into an agreement with Casella Waste Management Systems to begin compiling all recyclable materials together that will compacted before transported to the sorting facility in Rutland City. The contract is for 10 years and the town expects to see the cost of getting rid of the materials go down by more than 70 percent, Rosenthal said.

    “There is a difference for cost per ton (of trash) and ton of recyclables,” he said, adding there will be fewer hauls because of the compaction of materials.

    The town manager said if the town increases recycling by 30 percent, it could save up to $40,000 a year.

    Rosenthal said the transfer station is still not ready, but will be soon. In the meantime, they are trying to get the word out to residents while they get used to the new operating systems.

    Under zero sort recycling residents will be able to recycle plastics 1-7, corrugated cardboard, boxboard, envelopes and mail, magazines and soft cover books, newspapers, white and colored paper, shredded paper, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, foils and plates and metal cans.

    All these can be put together in one bin.

    For more information, residents should contact Rosenthal at 287-9751 or visit www.zerosort.com.

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