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    STAFF WRITER | August 25,2013
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    Women were once shunned when it came to the outdoors.

    With a few exceptions, when it came time to go hunting, fishing, etc., the “little lady” stayed home and took care of the house while the men went off to harvest some meat for the freezer.

    More women went fishing and camping as those were sometimes family activities.

    But for the most part, not all that long ago, the outdoor sports were the bastion of men.

    Many deer camps are still male-only operations. But today, as much as the men may want a weekend with the guys, the women are ready to enjoy some alone time, or a weekend with the ladies, as well.

    But the times, they are a ’changing.

    More and more, the ladies are realizing that hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, kayaking, photography, gold panning, and many other outdoor activities are a lot of fun.

    And while some women don’t have anybody to teach them outdoor skills, other woman already know quite a bit about the woods and water, but want to learn some new skills.

    Other women simply want to experience a great weekend of camaraderie with like-minded souls and get away from the daily grind to enjoy a little regenerative outdoor therapy.

    Enter the Vermont Outdoors Woman events known as Doe Camp. Under the banner of the Vermont Outdoor Guide Association, the Fall Doe Camp offers a list of events and classes that would make anybody want to sign up.

    The fall class lineup is long and includes: mountain biking, archery, kayaking, stand-up paddling, birding, wilderness survival, Nature, self defense, firearms marksmanship and safety, Fishing, wild edibles, turkey hunting and calling, panning for gold, maple sugaring, fly fishing, pickling and making wild game meat pies, identification and healing capacity of trees, an eight-hour handgun personal defense course and more than a dozen others.

    For those interested, Friday will offer a free women’s hunter education safety course field day.

    This year’s Fall Doe Camp will be held Sept. 27-29 at Jackson’s Lodge in Canaan.

    The cost for the long weekend is $349 per person and includes all meals, lodging and classes.

    There are discounts for folks who won’t be staying the night, as well as mother-daughter teams, military families and girlfriend groups of three or more.

    If you have an RV, there are four RV hookups with power and water.

    Otherwise, you’ll be staying at the Jackson’s Lodge and Log Cabins, which provides heated, lakefront cabins on the beach at Lake Wallace.

    Some of the top instructors, outdoor professionals and experts will lead the seminars.

    In addition to the classes, there will be a moose barbecue, campfire on the beach and raffle for thousands of dollars worth of gear, vacations and gifts. And, if you’re more interested in a relaxed atmosphere, there will be time to relax or explore the area.

    See their website at www.voga.org/vermont_outdoors_woman.htm, call them at (802) 425-6211, or find VOW on Facebook.

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