• More bad weather may hamper GMP power restoration
    September 12,2013
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    By Christian Avard
    Staff Writer

    Green Mountain Power is racing against the clock to restore power to the hardest hit areas of southern Vermont. But according to GMP Spokeswoman Dottie Schnure, the erratic weather is getting in the way of restoring power to GMP customers and they expect more bad weather on the way.

    “What they’re saying (is) it won’t be as bad as last night, but last night they said it wasn’t going to be bad either,” Schnure said.

    Up to 37,000 GMP customers lost power at 10 p.m. Wednesday. Schnure said there were 7,300 customers remaining but Thursday’s stormy weather is causing more power outages across southern Vermont and more work for the 400-plus workers.

    “It’s been fluctuating from 8,000 customers to about 8,500 customers and it’s now back down to 7.800 customers,” Schnure said. “We have severe weather coming through this evening that could change things dramatically.

    According to the outage page on GMP’s website, Randolph was one of the hardest hit towns and there are still 1,255 customers without power. Several towns in Windsor County were still without power at 4 p.m. Thursday. These include Windsor with 573 outages, Mount Holly with 399, Cavendish with 284, Royalton with 279, Hartland wotj 180, Sharon with 170, Bethel with 159, Chester with 129 and Barnard with 127.

    In Rutland City, 23 customers are still without power and in Rutland Town, there are nine outages.
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