• Why I’m running for governor
    September 19,2013
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    Campaign season for me has begun. I am doing outreach in your area. What is different about me than every other candidates for governor? I am doing the work because of my love for the state, not for personal gain. In other words, I’m not in it for the money.

    In some ways I am deeply conservative, I believe in an honest day’s work and an honest wage per hour of work. I believe in the Second Amendment, and as governor I would like to protect Vermont against a federal government currently abusing the U.S. Constitution. Reform of our criminal justice industry is critical, as is reform of our monetary policy.

    There is no good reason to criminalize addiction or to serve a profit-driven bar association, prison association, and the various industries popped up around this broken down system. I stand with Restore our Communities for safer communities through mentorship and a reduction by 25 percent of inmates.

    I see Obamacare as totally unconstitutional, but I do believe that health care is a human right.

    The hypocrisy of creating a new tax to pay for mandatory insurance profit, and mandatory big Pharma profit whose sole incentive is to have ill people to drug, and protecting Monsanto’s continued defilement of our planet, is obvious to me, if not to everyone else. As a state, we should be giving direct care, by that I mean, we should be opening health clinics staffed by the doctors, nurses and specialists that we educate and with our dollars provide as much care as possible.

    Our public dollars should not be used to benefit the insurance (banking) regime, nor should our public dollars support the bar association and its malpractice schemes. If a doctor does wrong, there are criminal procedures; otherwise malpractice undermines the Hippocratic oath and renders it irrelevant.

    Lastly we need to support the freedom of individuals seeking alternatives to a “sick-care” oriented Western medical system. Where medical cannabis relieves, the people must be free to grow their medicine. By golly, it’s a darn weed, practically free. Save the state money. Recreational use should be treated like alcohol. If people can make their own beer and wine, they can grow their own weed, but don’t drive or use it underage.

    I am running because I care more deeply about Vermont. It’s a fun labor of love on my part to improve your personal freedom, and for the good of all.


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