• People being used as pawns
    September 19,2013
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    I may be wrong but itís my impression that, if you want to become a national politician, you must be connected with wealth to pay for campaigning, and you have to love chess. Iíve never liked chess ó my brain doesnít work that way, and I think that wealth tends to insulate candidates from truly understanding the real day-to-day hardships of the average citizen. That said, I have little patience with the political power games that are played in the U.S. Congress, using the welfare of the nation and its people as pawns.

    The question about raising the debt ceiling is coming up again. The Republicans in Congress are willing to let the nation go into financial default unless they are allowed to strip funding for the Affordable Care Act and other social programs.

    It is time for the members of Congress to stop trying to out-manipulate their opponents for personal political gain and to do what is right for the nation as a whole ó a nation whose people are still hurting in this five-year-old recession.


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