• Give the regular Joe a break
    September 30,2013
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    Dear Congressman Welch, Senators Sanders and Leahy:

    I'm just a regular Joe, but I thought I'd let you know I've noticed America is flat broke. Meaning, it is time to stop spending. The United States government is out of money. Additionally, taxes are too high. I am busting my backside just so I can give more than ever before to the state of Vermont, and the federal government. Every time I look up from my work, there you all are with your hand in my pocket and on my wallet. Meanwhile, the Fed keeps printing more money, devaluing the dollar, destroying the buying power of the little cash I have for retirement.

    I can't run my house that way. Why is it OK for you guys? Like the government, I have plenty of things that I want and need. But if I can't afford them, I don't get them. The government needs to quit the spending spree with my money until the government finds that it has a surplus. Let's get the hard times behind us that will come from cutting government entitlement spending and offer tax cuts to corporations who bring manufacturing jobs home. If workers pay taxes to a government that lives within reasonable means, the corporation shouldn't need to. Find a carrot and convince big business to bring jobs home. If the carrot doesn't work, keep a stick handy.

    Obamacare, government-subsidized, big, dumb wind turbines and free lunch for kids with smartphones and cable TV make no sense in today's world. Don't give a man a credit card for a free meal. Give him the opportunity to work for his supper. Can't find employees? Offer health insurance. Employees who need it will come.

    Also, send illegal immigrants home. Not only did they break the law by coming here, they artificially suppress the pay rates for “regular Joe” jobs. Which makes it hard for regular Joes to pay the high prices for the once cheap (but not anymore) China-made stuff that floods our Walmarts. If prices must go a bit higher for goods and services produced by Americans, good. The only jobs we should let illegal immigrants do, is yours. That would save some money and then they could pass more legislation that favors them.

    Ever heard of cabotage? That's when you let foreign air carriers fly point to point in the USA. You know, it is not true that they would be doing a job that Americans won't do. They would be doing my job, a job that I love to do, and don't want to see AeroMexico doing for me at a lower price than I earn for performing a fairly serious duty which never allows being home on Christmas or for my kid's birthdays.

    As a side note, there is no such thing as a job an American won't do. You just need to leave us a reason to want or need to do that job. If you give us ways to survive without working, by golly, that's what we'll do.

    Thanks for your help.


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