• Paving contract award a sham
    October 01,2013
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    The Select Board in Brandon must have a short memory of the flooding during Hurricane Irene two years ago. The center of town and Route 7 was destroyed. Markowski Excavating and D&F Paving went into town, on their own in the shortest time possible opening Route 7 for emergency services, fire protection, Omya trucks, etc, not knowing when or if they would ever get paid for the labor and material.

    The rejection of the low bid by D&F for paving Barlow Avenue must be the thanks that they get for the work they did two years ago! Per comments made by Brian Sanderson, Public Works superintendent, Wilk Paving must be magicians to be able to stop water from running downhill into the Neshobe River for the additional $5,660 which is 17 percent higher than the bid submitted by D&F Paving (see Sept. 21 article in the Rutland Herald). It should be noted that during a crisis/emergency situation (apparently unlike the Barlow Avenue project), D&F Paving “DID have a handle on what needed to be accomplished with the center of town resurfacing to protect all vested parties.” Mr. Sanderson is appointed, not elected by the voters and this Select Board appears to conduct business by playing follow the leader instead of making an informed decision and looking out for the taxpayers’ interests.

    It raises the question as to whether someone is getting a kick back. Of all the business I have done with the Town of Brandon for 40 plus years, I have never seen anything as disgraceful as this action. I sure hope that the voters of Brandon remember this at town meeting and put some members on the board that will have the taxpayers’ interest instead of wasting our hard earned money this way. I hope that the new town manager doesn’t think that my accusations are aimed at her. I don’t think that she has had time to fully understand what went on.

    People in the construction business are aware that there is a certain amount of expense (time and money) to placing a bid. We expect this as part of a normal course of business. But when you are low bidder (by 17 percent) and your bid is turned down for no good reason that is just not good business practice. I think that D&F Paving should be reimbursed for their expense of submitting the bid.

    I am not a voter in the Town of Brandon, but I am a Brandon taxpayer.


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