• Brandon means ‘audacity’
    October 02,2013
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    So let me get this straight. The town of Brandon accepts a higher paving bid. They also hire a town manager (who lives in Rutland, but the board has an excuse for this too) and the salary is about $5,000 more, if memory serves me correctly, than budgeted.

    Yet, there are people volunteering to paint the cement blockades in Brandon. And if I have it correctly, the paint was also donated by a local business. And then there are also people who have volunteered their time in doing demolition work on the interior of the town office building to help keep costs down. Plus at a Select Board meeting one evening, a board member commented on how a local business had kept the rate the same for the past few years on work being done for Brandon.

    I was at the community meal when Miss Bennett went on an introduction tour. She appears to be a pleasant woman. She gave a speech to those gathered. What little I was able to hear, was that soon she would be preparing the budget for next year. And that her door was always open. Yet when I called the town office later to get the minutes for the previous meeting, I was told she was doing them but had not finished them yet. So only time will tell whether she is worth the money she is being paid.

    I think if one were to look up in a dictionary the word “audacity” they would see the Brandon selectmen in a big bold box right next to it. Audacity as defined by Webster’s online: Bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints; ‘had the audacity to defy his boss.’ Yes, this is the financially responsible people controlling your tax dollars. You are their boss, and come March, you have a chance to speak and speak boldly and loudly.

    Just add these cases to the list of reasons why I left Brandon.


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