• Castleton board out of control
    October 02,2013
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    The Castleton Select Board is out of control. They refuse to listen to the people they work for, and those who disagree are demonized or ignored. The citizens of this town will not be afforded their basic right to vote how their tax dollars will be spent.

    What is shocking and disappointing is that there is no compromise on this issue. Why is the board against moving the police department to the Four Corners area with the fire department? They have no rationale to support their position, which I believe, is a shortsighted approach to what should be a proactive, long-term and logical plan.

    The board asked, then spurned, the advice of State Police Lt. Charles Caccicatore and Castleton Police Chief Bruce Sherwin, who both strongly urged the board to move the department.

    They agreed that the department is better situated in that location according to the call data. They explained that the emergency calls in the Four Corners area outnumber those in the Village by a 2-1 ratio.

    Where is the objectivity, foresight and fiduciary responsibility of the board? The appeal opportunity regarding the $750,000 bond vote of November 2012 was denied to the taxpayer.

    I consider the violation of law by elected officials to be significant, yet the majority feels otherwise. Do you? We canít appeal nor can we vote on the design of the building, yet all of this is being done in our names with our money. The zoning decision that 556 Main St. is an essential service has been appealed to the Environmental Court, and there is a deficit of $70,000 for the current design.

    Sadly, all this is irrelevant to the Select Board. I am in favor of the offices at 556, but letís be sensible and move the police department to the location that will best serve our community for decades to come.


    Castleton selectwoman
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