• 100 things I don’t want to do
    October 02,2013
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    I recently found out that the Herald will run a Monday column inspired in part by Steve Costelloís list of 100 things to do in the Rutland region. This is cute, but it doesnít even scratch the surface of why young people donít stay in Vermont.

    The problem facing this region isnít that there arenít things for young people to do here; the problem is that we donít want to do the things that are available to us.

    Iím 23, and I left Vermont to learn new things and travel the world. I got a degree in a field that is impossible to study in this region, and I gained work experience in jobs that donít exist in this area. Iíve been to 11 countries, and Iím planning to pursue PhD in a field that doesnít exist here. Vermont is holding me back, and itís holding back most people my age.

    We need to make progress in this region, and we need to do it now. We need to establish more things to do here, not endorse the things that have been around for years. I donít want to hear about things to do with your spouse and kids; I want to hear about events for singles. I donít want to volunteer all day; I want people to pay me. I donít want to see community development; I want to see economic development.

    The Herald needs to look deeper into problems facing the region. Mr. Costello is very well-meaning, but his list is boring for me. Indeed, it seems barely suited for children let alone grown adults with aspirations. I outgrew the bunny slopes at Pico when I was three, and I plan to do more with my life than go hiking.


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