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    October 03,2013
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    Visiting with individuals revealed that some people searching for historical Rutland-area information were unaware of the existence of the Rutland Historical Society website.

    The society has digitized some of its Rutland area history and has made it available on its website. They would like to share this historic information with you at www.rutlandhistory.com. All information is totally free but limited to the books, documents and other data that have been scanned and uploaded to this date.

    There are Rutland area city and town annual reports, early church records, Civil War documents, and much more that previously were only available by visiting the society.

    Rutland City directories are an example of what can be found. The directories contain much information about Rutland, its people, places, streets and businesses, and are one of the most sought-after resources for those researching the Rutland area. A complete set of the directories is available on the website and searchable. The period is from 1883, when the first issue was published, until printing was discontinued in 1986.

    Viewers will be pleased and surprised at the ease of access. The same is true with other information provided. A computer or other compatible device, access to the Internet, an interest and some time are the only requirements.

    Use the “Historical Resources” link on the left edge of the home page, which will bring up a historical-items list including the city directories. Other titles are listed on the same home page margin.

    The service is provided by the dedicated volunteers and staff at the Rutland Historical Society who give freely of their time. Financial support is provided by members, donors and Rutland City.



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