• Disgrace of a president
    October 05,2013
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    Last week we were treated to a series of photographs showing Obama’s feet firmly planted on the White House furniture. It seems the man just can’t keep his feet on the floor. Then I recalled the bit of Muslim lore that deems it an insult to display the soles of one’s shoes to another. One of the photos was taken as our classless leader was speaking to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the phone, (a man whose shoes Obama is not fit to shine). Shall we chalk this rude behavior up to ignorance or just another “in your face” moment calculated to make our blood boil?

    Now we come to this week’s disgraceful move as the White House ordered barricades to be placed denying access to the WWII Memorial. What kind of a twisted demigod would even propose such a plan? Here we have members of the “Greatest Generation”, who had been brought to Washington by the Honor Flight program to view our treasured monuments. Most of these men are in their 80s and 90s, many in wheelchairs, and it might well be their last opportunity to spend a few precious moments for some quiet reflection and to bask in the glow of a nation’s gratitude for their heroic service. By the way, where were you, Bernie Sanders, when you should have been in the forefront of putting a stop to this disgusting behavior?

    Perhaps there is no greater proof that the man occupying the White House is a cold, calculating, control freak who has nothing but disdain for this country and its heroes!


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