• Straight from the heart
    December 12,2013
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    Can you imagine a community anywhere in the world with a bigger heart than Rutland? There is evidence everywhere you look, but nowhere more compelling than in the herculean efforts of GMP’s Steve Costello, WJJR’s Terry Jaye, Rutland Mayor Chris Louras, over 200 Red Cross volunteers and well over 2,000 (we hope) good-hearted citizens who will give their blood to others whose lives depend on it.

    At Castleton, the small college with the big heart, we are doing what we can to help, part of our growing investment in the Rutland region. Dozens and dozens of students and staff have already signed up for the Dec. 18 Gift of Life Marathon, and many more folks associated with the college throughout the region will be volunteering and donating blood for the good of the cause.

    We have made a significant investment in the blood drive, and in supporting the volunteers and donors, because we believe in Rutland and the renaissance that is unfolding before your eyes and from your hearts.

    On Tuesday we will be transporting students, staff and anyone else anywhere in the greater Rutland area who needs a ride to and from any of the Red Cross venues. Please call my office at 468-1202, indicate the time and place for pickup, and I will be there with a Castleton van to offer personal chauffeur service. If I am already transporting other folks, our dean of students, Dennis Proulx, will also be at your service.

    Castleton College is focusing all of our future investments in Rutland, from the new Spartan Dome to be installed next year adjacent to the Spartan Arena in Rutland Town, to the new art gallery already open in downtown Rutland, to several new and exciting entrepreneurial ventures we will be announcing in the new year. We are excited to be a partner in investing in Rutland’s growth and development. It’s the Rutland Renaissance.

    We believe in Rutland.

    We love a community with heart.

    Please consider donating to the cause.

    It’s straight from the heart.



    Castleton State College)

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