• Taking a stand against bullying
    December 13,2013
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    “You have a choice. Use your voice.”

    Have you been a victim of bullying or do you know of anyone who has been? As you probably know, bullying has been a problem in schools throughout the country. Bullying is purposely hurting someone physically, verbally, emotionally and is repeated over and over. We think it’s time to stop.

    Our sixth-grade cluster at the Rutland Intermediate School is working on projects to end the bullying. We are taking part in making posters, banners, skits, TV shows, friend bracelets and morning announcements to raise awareness against bullying.

    These posters include slogans and catchphrases thought of by the sixth-graders. For example, some of these phrases are: “Bulldoze the Bullying” and “Bullying Is Contagious. Is It Worth Catching?”

    We are spreading the word to stop bullying. We are taking a stand against anyone who is bullying or harassing anyone at school. We can make a change by being a role model to the younger children and standing up to the bullies, by not accepting what bullies are doing, by telling them to stop and to be more careful of what they do and what they say. Bullying is not funny, it’s hurtful, and we are not allowing any of it.

    It’s time to start making a change in stopping bullying.




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