• Show could put area on Whitetail map
    By Darren Marcy
    Staff Writer | January 19,2014
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    I’m pretty excited about a new outdoor show that will hit Rutland in March and Rutland should also be excited about it.

    The show, in addition to all the usual outdoor show attractions, will feature a never-before-achieved collection of people related to the Johnny King Buck, the controversial whitetail that some believe should be the current world record buck.

    The Vermont Outdoor Show will run March 14-16 at the Holiday Inn.

    Fred Allard is moving his Granite State Outdoor Show from West Lebanon, N.H., to two locations this year — Concord, N.H., and Rutland.

    The headliner of the Rutland show will be the King buck, a giant typical whitetail that gross scored over 225 inches and should have been the new world record whitetail according to some scorers,

    But a fight inside the Boone and Crockett Club over how to score one point resulted in that point being labeled abnormal and causing the buck to fall from the top spot.

    It also cost Wallingford’s Ron Boucher his position with B&C.

    Allard has arranged to have the buck, Boucher, Johnny King himself, and Fay Fish, the antler collector who bought the rack, in Rutland together.

    It’s the first time all these guys have been in one place and they will sit down for a discussion and question and answer session.

    For lovers of white-tailed deer hunting, this could be a one-time chance to see all these folks sit down and talk about the the issue that has dominated whitetail hunting talk for several years.

    It’s the type of event that could put Rutland on the map in the whitetail hunting world at least for a little while.

    And having a great draw like the controversial King buck could encourage people to come from far and wide.

    The King buck is No. 1 according to Buckmasters and The Northeast Big Buck Club, which have slightly different rules for scoring trophy antlers.

    “This is the only typical deer to score over 225 inches that doesn’t have any abnormal points,” said Boucher, the former B&C scorer. “This is the first time ever you have such a monster without any abnormal points. It’s the only one in the world.”

    Boucher, a well-known big-game scorer from Wallingford who has scored numerous world records including Milo Hansen’s current world record typical whitetail, measured the King buck as the new world record, but was later overruled by a declaration that one point on the deer’s giant rack was abnormal and was disallowed, dropping its score down the list significantly.

    After arguing for the buck and disagreeing with B&C publicly, Boucher was eventually relieved of his position with the club but still contends the deer deserves to be No. 1, and has continued to champion the buck uncovering racks in the record book that have the same type of point configuration and were allowed by B&C scorers.

    And the rack will be available to the public.

    Boucher said while some racks are protected and kept away from the public, the King buck is available for people to hold and have photos taken with.

    For more information about the show, to reserve booth space or other questions, log on to: www.vermontoutdoorshow.com, or call (802) 738-6755.

    Learn to tie flies

    Have you wanted to learn to tie flies but the cost has stopped you? Or maybe it just seems overwhelming to overcome the beginner’s learning curve?

    The Green Mountain Fly Tyers are hoping to solve both issues as they present Tying Flies for Fly Fishing.

    This weekly class will meet four times in February from 6:30 to 9 p.m. each Monday at the Godnick Center in Rutland.

    The lessons are meant as an introduction to fly tying and will teach the basic skills to those new to fly tying or who would like to improve their basic skills.

    The class will teach two patterns per class for a total of eight fly patterns.

    Each participant will get enough materials to tie six flies of each pattern so tyers can go home with 48 flies.

    The classes are open to all ages and space is limited.

    There is a $20 fee for the class and for those without tying gear the club has that covered too.

    Each participant can get a beginner fly-tying toolkit for $20. At the end of the class, the student can keep the kit, or they can return all the tools and get their $20 back.

    Registration is required.

    Call Tony Whitehair at 775-4295 or email clwhitehair@comcast.net to register or for more information.

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