• Bill addresses more college aid
    March 04,2014
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    This haiku is a trail marker pointing to Senate bill S-40:

    The chance slips away, yet remains: Vermont students need our help today.

    Senate Bill 40 calls for a searchlight, an effort to rediscover a disused, earlier path that led to greater prosperity. It was visible in 1980, when our state funded 51 percent of VSC costs, compared to less than 20 percent today.

    Those were days before Vermonters graduated college with more student debt than their peers in other states, days when we knew investing in public higher education was investing in Vermont, days before we overburdened students, before we allowed tuition to become prohibitive for the least wealthy among us.

    Those who have spent time out on the trail know sometimes the only way forward is to find our way back to that fork where we got off the path. That’s what I told the sergeant at arms when I called 828-2228 to ask my legislator to support S-40. It was easy. All I had to do was say, “Help secure Vermont’s tomorrow by supporting S-40 today.”


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