• Education vital to future
    March 05,2014
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    Education vital to the future

    The Rutland Herald editorial addressing the New York Times front page article re: Rutland and heroin was spot on. In this day and age, when you have a significant percentage of the population impoverished and unemployed, you will have a drug problem. The need to escape that reality is a driving force.

    We can police and police some more. We can mental health and mental health even more. We can rehab and rehab again and again, and we can set up methadone clinics in every neighborhood, but the problem will persist so long as we have too many of us impoverished, unemployed, under employed and unemployable. The editorial pointed out all that is being done to address the problem, and all of that is good stuff. But one critical issue was not on that list ó education.

    Iím not talking about the ďjust say noĒ kind of education. Iím talking about reading skills, math skills, science, writing. Iím talking about graduating kids from our schools where 95 percent of them have achieved grade-level proficiency in reading and math, not just 36 percent.

    I donít know when or if this letter will be published, but there is a school budget issue to be voted on in Rutland and elsewhere. Vote yes. But, more importantly, demand that your town or city schools shape up or ship out. We have a moral and civic duty to graduate students who can find employment elsewhere if we are not able to provide it here.

    One more thing, demand that your children understand that they have a job, too. As their parents, you go to work every day, like it or not, to put food on the table and clothes on your backs. Your children have a job, too. Their job is to go to school every day, like it or not, and work hard to learn, and thereby earn their future.


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