• Sticking up for pedestrians
    March 08,2014
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    I am extremely frustrated. On March 5, I was attempting to cross Woodstock Avenue by Beauchamp and O’Rourke Pharmacy. As the pedestrian light lit up for me to cross — not one, not two, but three cars turned from Deer Street into my right of way. I could not believe it. I can understand one car getting caught half way in and half way out of the intersection, but three cars. Get real.

    Needless to say, if I had stepped off the curb, I would have been hit by one or more of these cars, which would have resulted in my being maimed or possibly killed. The drivers of these cars need to have situational awareness and realize that pedestrians may be trying to cross in front of them. Driving comes with responsibility.

    I am angry at the drivers, but I am also angry at the city. This is not a new issue. They have known about this for some time, but nothing has been done.

    What is happening is, at the same time the pedestrian light tells me it is OK to go, the light at the end of Deer Street is telling the cars coming from there that they can go. The city needs to fix this before someone gets killed. I know many people have been hit at this intersection. I have already gotten hit in the city once, and I do not wish to have that happen again.

    It is a not difficult fix. The stop light and the pedestrian light must never allow pedestrian traffic and automobile traffic into the same area at the same time. This is a no-brainer; however, it is all too common in multiple intersections in the city.

    The city needs to make more use of “Do Not Turn On Red Light” signs. I cannot tell you how many times I have started crossing an intersection, and a car turning on a red light has gone through the intersection at the same time.

    Every intersection in the city needs to be looked at carefully to make sure that cars and pedestrians are not in conflict. Where there is a conflict, steps must be taken to correct the issue as soon as possible. If this cannot be resolved, it will be apparent to me that pedestrians have absolutely no rights in the city of Rutland.


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