• Many thanks for a good effort
    March 11,2014
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    I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the family, friends and supporters who voted for Molly Morgan as Pittsford Town Clerk and Treasurer. Thanks also for the financial support and editorials that were given in her behalf. My gratitude is also acknowledged to Dr. Battista and staff members for their support in Molly’s endeavor.

    Although Molly did not garner enough support, I am very proud that she gave it her best, and I commend her for running a clean and honorable campaign. I also felt Linda Fox ran a good race and was a good capable candidate. It was good to get to know her better. Both candidates expected more support from the community, but it wasn’t there. In the end, the voters have spoken, and I respect and accept that. Molly, there will be another time to try.

    It must be noted, that in all my years in office, I had never known a town clerk who was running for re-election in a contested race to close down the clerk’s office, (it’s legal) and then pass out ballots to the voters as a ballot clerk (it is also legal, but it raised more than a few eyebrows). This is not meant to sound like sour grapes, but more about fairness for all.

    So, congrats go out to the victor. The voters of this town have re-elected Helen McKinlay and gave a vote of confidence for her abilities and trustworthiness to be the guardian and steward of the town’s most valuable assets, its records and histories. So be it. Again, thank you.


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