• Frustration with fire
    March 11,2014
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    I just returned home after watching “12 Years As A Slave” while sitting frostbitten in the Flagship Theatre downtown. I went to check email on the ‘You’re From Rutland, VT, If” Facebook page where someone commented that the Flory property in Center Rutland was ablaze. It warmed me up immediately, so Marilyn and I drove over to check it out. I want to say the fire is a very poignant example of how the economic obstinacy of one community affects us all.

    Many districts sent their firemen and trucks to the scene with all their equipment and commitment. What a waste of manpower, money, resources and a quiet Sunday evening home with the family for all those out in the cold flushing the flames. Let us hope that the self-centeredness of the Flory family and Rutland Town for not attending to the unsightly dangerous blight we’ve all been living with far too long did not cause smoke inhalation problems for anyone at the scene or in the neighborhood.

    If it turns out that some homeless folks got careless, let us hope no one was hurt. Let us hope that any criminal investigations put the blame where it belongs, on the property owners as well as voters of Rutland Town who were too cheap to demolish it and let this dangerous situation turn into a conflagration that could have easily have been remedied by bulldozers or a planned controlled fire.

    Let us hope that the people who make the decisions in Center Rutland will decisively act with the other four buildings before it takes more clear headed arsonists to make rational choices and someone gets hurt. Spring and summer beckon and there still could be a great planned party and celebration with hot dogs and hamburgers. The fire is another example of the kind of thoughtlessness that continues to keep our greater community at odds with itself for the sake of self-interested property rights at everyone’s expense.

    At least we have committed firemen who serve for the greater good!


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