• Praise is due to Rutland Rec
    March 13,2014
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    A few weeks ago, the Rutland Recreation Department ran their annual youth basketball tournament at Rutland High School. As a Rutland City resident, I would like to take this time to thank Steve Marro, April Cioffi and the rest of the recreation staff for doing an excellent job. The tournament fielded more than 30 teams, boys and girls grades 3-6, from Rutland County. It is just another example of how well the Rutland Rec serves our youth and our community. With such limited facilities and resources, it always amazes me how good of a job the Rec does with the programs they offer.

    Yes, and unfortunately, the new Rec project got voted down a few years ago by a revote, that would have been a huge positive for our youth and our community, but the Rutland Rec staff moved on, and continue to offer their numerous programs with the facilities that they have access to. I also know that other organizations have stepped up and alloedw the Rec to use their facilities, which allows a lot of the Rec programs to run, places like Rutland Public Schools, Christ the King School and The Knights of Columbus, to name a few.

    My three kids have benefited greatly from the Rutland Recreation Department throughout the years and will continue to. The Rutland community should be proud and thankful that we have such a great recreation program with a great staff who is dedicated to giving Rutland the best programs they can, helping make Rutland a great place to live.


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