• Be careful where you walk
    March 14,2014
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    In response to a previous letter about the crosswalk at Beauchamp and O’Rourke may I add my story. In September I was crossing when a car came from Deer Street toward me and my dog. I slapped my hand down on the hood of the car and ended up landing on top on my dog on the ground. The car stopped 10 inches from my body. I walked away with a sprained ankle, bloody knee and a “pulled” back (and no, there is no lawsuit involved).

    I did everything right: crossed in broad daylight, in the crosswalk, with audible “chirping” from the pedestrian light, wearing light colored clothes AND my dog had on a “hunter orange” vest! I even waited a few seconds before I stepped into the road. I was watching the traffic from Deer Street as I wanted to be sure that the cars weren’t pulling out toward me (which has happened many times before). With no movement from Deer Street I started into the crosswalk.

    Then two weeks ago my dog and I were again crossing toward Deer Street. There was a pickup truck stopped at the red light. I briskly started across the street (because who in their right mind would stroll across it) when the truck started to pull forward to make a right turn onto Deer Street. I am so on guard crossing that I stopped in time. Then the driver says, “Sorry, I didn’t see you”. Really?! People please pay attention at the crosswalks. Someone is going to get seriously hurt!

    I have also had one, two or three cars cross the crosswalk when I have the light in my favor. It is frustrating and dangerous to be a pedestrian and I hope that the city takes a serious look at this intersection. In the meantime: Crossers beware!


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