• Hobby Lobby refutes ‘rumors’
    March 17,2014
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    Hobby Lobby

    refutes ‘rumors’

    It is disappointing that Charles and Amy Pregger feel people should not shop Hobby Lobby’s Rutland store because of our Supreme Court case. (“Spend your money in the right place,” March 14) It’s important to set the record straight on issues they raise that are based on untrue rumors.

    The owners of Hobby Lobby, founders David and Barbara Green and their family, do not want to “deny workers access” to contraceptives. They have no moral objection to 16 of 20 drugs and devices in the federal mandate and provide them under the company’s plan. The Greens — who have pledged to operate their family business on Biblical principles — have only asked for exemption to providing four drugs and devices with potential to terminate life. The Administration does not dispute the possible effects of these drugs and devices or the Green family’s sincere beliefs, and a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on their behalf.

    As for the assertions that “Hobby Lobby buys most of their items from China,” our company sources from suppliers around the world. Virtually all Hobby Lobby’s vendors are small entrepreneurial businesses without control over their government’s abortion policies.

    Also, Hobby Lobby has never “refused to sell any Jewish items,” an idea that resulted from one apparent misunderstanding in one of our hundreds of stores. We have always been sensitive to our customers’ needs and began stocking Jewish holiday items when there was interest in these products. Moreover, we are unaware of incidents of LGBT customers being refused service in any way, much less being addressed in the highly unacceptable manner suggested in the letter.

    We hope the Rutland community will visit us to see the friendly and welcoming environment this family-owned business provides and experience the world-class service we’re committed to providing.


    Vice president and chief legal officer, Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.)
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