• Seeking info in Brandon
    March 24,2014
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    Seeking info

    in Brandon

    Oh, Brandon, history is repeating itself. Anther budget down the drain, and the board wasted a great opportunity with the Advisory Committee. In part they lacked all the appropriate information and time to do their job properly.

    On top of that, I asked the board and town manager in an email a question. This is the reply I got in return from the chairman.

    “If you want to come to a Select Board meeting and request permission to speak and ask your question, you have the option to do so. If you are asking this question on any Brandon taxpayer’s behalf I continue to ask you to encourage them to come and ask the question themselves, or if a shut-in they can write a letter to the town manager and she will include it in our packets for discussion during public forum.”

    I am not surprised as I don’t believe the board knows the answer to said financial question I asked. I believe that is part of the problem. I asked where the money from what was left over from a $1.2 million surplus which was just shy of $790,000 at the end of fiscal year 2012/2013 went to. We are talking over a half million dollars that the good people of my hometown deserve an answer to. Again, I believe that the board either is unable or unwilling to come clean with the citizenry for which they represent.

    The first part of the email read, “At the risk of sounding rude, since you are a Proctor resident, I am going to ask you to go to the Brandon town office and request whatever months of minutes that you need to look up the answer to your question.” I am not surprised as Brandon apparently lacks the understanding of what public information is. So maybe someone from Brandon will ask the question and maybe get an honest response in simple understandable language as to where the half million dollars went. And were I a citizen of Brandon, at the next board and special town meeting, I would say that at least four-fifths of the selectmen should resign.


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