• Small steps that wreck the world
    April 03,2014
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    I just read an article about coffee pods, and one company that is part of this new idea is our own Green Mountain Coffee. I have always felt so proud of Vermont because we have been a leader in being green, but these pods are plastic, and the number of pods sold last year would circle the earth 10 times. How can we buy products like this in a time of extreme global change, having experienced it first hand with Irene? I didnít see one monarch butterfly last summer, and I read that 100,000 bats died in Australia from the heat last year, while Californiaís drought threatens food production for the entire country. What will it take for us to wake up?

    Recently, it was decided not to tax plastic bags. One million plastic bags are used per minute worldwide, which is easy to believe when you see the number of bags being used in stores in Rutland. These bags will not dissolve, but will continue to pollute the earth for a very long time, destroying the oceans which not only kills marine life, but will certainly affect humans as well.

    If we do not make very simple, easy sacrifices, what kind of future are we leaving our children and their children?


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