• Transcending our tribulations
    April 09,2014
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    It may have come to your attention already that we are being royally screwed. The situation goes from bad to worse daily, as we are besieged from so many directions at once.

    To name a few issues that keep me up at night:

    1) Chemtrails — those long fluffy trails laid down by airplanes that hover and spread. Evidently more than 47 toxic chemicals are being dropped on U.S. Check out www.geoengineeringwatch.org.

    2) A drug/government liaison and complex proliferating drugs and subjecting our children who “act out” to mind-altering drugs destined to hook them later to even more dangerous substances.

    3) Electromagnetic pollution on the increase that is most toxic to fetuses, interfering with normal cellular development, thus potentially destroying our species, while seriously disturbing everyone’s ability to focus.

    4) Massive corruption expanding military/aggressivity/totalitarian thrust worldwide, instigated by the U.S. hidden government, disintegrating civil society everywhere.

    5) Professed and predominant ignorance in academia, regarding the nature of reality itself. Never has civilization existed where people refused to acknowledge God as our source of being. This experiment in atheism is doomed as not reality-based.

    6) Worshipping money (even in church) instead of love leads to hell.

    If we wish to survive, we will honor agape love as the only viable and renewable currency (thus avoiding the extant threat of inflation based on a purposefully debased dollar). Furthermore, by depriving our young methodically of any knowledge as to how to establish intimacy with their living creator, we are circumcising them from their future fulfillment, as only when we seek the face of God are we truly fulfilled.

    Meanwhile, because our government insists on undermining our future with devastating consequences, let’s invoke our Declaration of Independence, call a new continental congress, design a government that excludes money from the equation and thereby transcend this tribulation.


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