• Co-op supports GMO labeling
    April 10,2014
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    Co-op supports

    GMO labeling

    As the general manager of a locally owned natural foods co-operative, I want to express my support of the GMO labeling bill that is currently under consideration in the Vermont Senate.

    Increasingly, my customers are asking for honest and clearly labeled products. My customers read labels, and they take their food seriously. More and more, my customers want to know what they are eating. Not only do they want to know the ingredients of their foods, but they also want to know the story behind that food. They want to know which foods are locally sourced, which products are gluten-free, which are certified organic, and which are fairly traded.

    When my customers ask about which products contain genetically modified ingredients, I cannot answer them. I can be certain that certified organic and non-GMO-verified products do not contain GMOs, but what about the hundreds of other products? No one knows for certain.

    I want to provide my member-owners and customers with the best shopping experience and customer service that I can, but without proper labeling of GMOs, I cannot adequately do my job and honestly address their needs and concerns.

    We all have the right to know what we are eating. So letís lead the country in passing H.112.


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