• Woman denies heroin trafficking
    CORRESPONDENT | April 14,2014
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    WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — A western Massachusetts woman who allegedly admitted she trafficked about 8,000 bags of heroin into Vermont during the past six months is now facing a federal charge of narcotics distribution.

    Seanna Krasin, 22, of Springfield, Mass., was arrested Thursday in Springfield by detectives with the Vermont Drug Task Force who had just carried out a sting purchase of more than $3,000 worth of heroin from her in a parking lot, according to an affidavit filed in federal court in Burlington.

    According to detectives, that was the second time in a week that Krasin and two men had driven to Vermont specifically to sell “stacks” of heroin, which consist of 100 bags of heroin each, a step up from the 10-bag “bundles” that usually characterize busts of local street-level dealers.

    Krasin pleaded innocent to the heroin distribution charge Thursday before being released from the federal courthouse on personal recognizance conditions.

    Quoting an informant who was referred to only by the code name “Blue” in court paperwork, Detective Trooper Charles Winn wrote that, Blue claimed, “Seanna always comes up with large quantities of heroin and would not come to Vermont for an order of less than two stacks. Blue also told me that Seanna makes other stops in Vermont to deliver narcotics and that Blue has personally seen Seanna with 12 stacks, or 1,200 bags of heroin, in her possession at one time.”

    On Monday afternoon the first of two “controlled purchases” that detectives set up between Blue and Krasin last week took place in a busy parking lot in downtown Springfield and, during that transaction, Winn said that “Blue” paid $1,000 for 250 bags that were handed over by Krasin after she arrived in a gray Honda Accord with Connecticut license plates accompanied by two men.

    During that purchase “Blue” was recorded discussing buying 800 bags of heroin later in the week and Thursday that purchase went down in the same parking lot, with the informant handing over $3,300 in cash to Krasin for the drugs as a surveillance team watched, Winn wrote.

    Winn said all of the individual bags of heroin that were acquired from Krasin during both sting operations were stamped with the street band name “Blackberry” and had a small image of a cellphone on them.

    The gray Accord was stopped before it left town and all three occupants were detained and interviewed at the Rockingham State Police barracks.

    Winn said Krasin waived her Miranda rights and agreed to talk. According to his report, she admitted, “She does not work. She sells drugs. She has traveled to Vermont to sell heroin to two customers, including ‘Blue’ … since November 2013. During that time she said she sold about 60 to 80 stacks or 6,000 to 8,000 bags of heroin, to those two customers,” Winn wrote.
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