• Tribute night for Pete Seeger
    April 18,2014
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    I was speaking to a good friend this morning about my upcoming Pete Seeger night at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Middlebury on May 2, and his comment was, “Pete was an institution!” I agree and find this a fitting tribute.

    I would like to share with readers of this paper another tribute to Pete Seeger by a young folk singer in Burlington who will appear on the program on May 2, written shortly after Pete’s death:

    “There is a well that never runs dry to which everyone is welcome. When we drink from it, we become part of it. When we become part of it, we replenish it. It is a simple, sacred and ancient tradition that requires nothing of us but thirst — thirst for some form of the collective, something real, atavistic in its essence. For over half a century, Pete Seeger tended the path that leads to this well. In doing so, he ensured the continuation of the folk tradition in a rapidly changing world, inspiring millions to sing along.

    “I am one of the countless folk singers deeply influenced and inspired by Pete. It was through him that I discovered the foundations of folk music, the traditions of borrowing, recycling, and sharing songs both new and old. He became a grandfatherly figure to me, a keeper of wisdom and song. He broke down boundaries between music and everyday life, fought tirelessly against the oppression of all people and their environments, and reminded us of our shared human experience — of love, sorrow, and a yearning for freedom.” (Eric George, January 2014)

    Join us on May 2 at 7:30 p.m.


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