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    April 23,2014
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    We want to express our profound appreciation to the staff members and residents of Mountain View Center nursing home. Our family patriarch, Edward Moore, died at age 91 April 16 at Rutland Regional Medical Center. Proud and independent, Ed had no desire to leave his home, but failing health made it necessary for him to relocate to Genesis, where he spent the last four years of his life.

    None of us imagined that his time at Genesis would be often joyful. It was a community where he met men and women who became his best friends. They shared stories, traded gossip and joked. All these friends meant a lot to Ed, but one was particularly important in keeping him engaged. We are deeply grateful to those residents who added so much to his life.

    The Genesis staff is another reason Edís last years were so positive. Aides, nurses, maintenance workers, physical therapy staff and administrators were kind to him always. It may have helped that Ed himself was a nice person, one who apologized for inconveniencing others and thanked them when they helped him. But we know that some nursing home employees, including aides and food service workers, arenít paid well. So it was impressive when these people showed great compassion towards Ed.

    Most of all, we must thank the activities staff. These people are saints. Tirelessly, they found inventive ways to entertain and enliven residents. Every member of the activities staff has been consistently caring and considerate. Importantly, some became Edís advocates, making sure that he got services he needed.

    Often nursing homes get a bad rap in our society; theyíre seen as an unfortunate place to end up. Not so at Rutlandís Genesis. See for yourself. Visit, volunteer, and get to know staff members and residents. Youíll be impressed.



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