• Heroes in fight against GMP
    April 26,2014
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    The Nelsons are two of the most courageous and bravest people that I have ever met (they would just say stubborn). Many have cast judgment on them without getting to know them or the facts of their journey.

    Yes, it is true, they could have sold their property to GMP years earlier, but they felt as though it was selling to the enemy, as they have been bullied and harassed by both GMP and Mr. Whielman for years. They knew in their hearts that what was happening to the mountain was wrong and they did not want their property to be a part of it. They also did not want to let their supporters down. The Nelsons chose to stand strong against a multibillion dollar company to protect their property and their rights — which, in effect, benefits all of us. Just think of the integrity it took to do this, and put yourselves in their position.

    It has been stated that they were in it just for the money, and if this was true they would have settled years ago. They are both in their 70s now and need closure and some much needed rest and peace in their lives. They are both suffering health effects from KCW. They know now that they cannot reverse what has happened to our mountain or our community.

    So if you have a chance to get to meet them, it is worth doing; get to know them and thank them for standing strong. I guarantee your life will be richer and fuller for knowing them, I know that mine is.

    When did we become a community that does not care about our neighbors?


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