• Board seeks OK on budget
    May 09,2014
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    The Board of School Commissioners is asking the voters to consider supporting the revised school budget to be voted on May 13. The state of Vermont has responded to the number of budgets that were defeated in March by lowering the statewide property tax increase from 7 cents to 4 cents and the school commissioners have responded with an additional $450,000 in cuts including five professional position cuts (bringing the total to 11 for next year), two athletic programs with low enrollments, and the elimination of several maintenance and equipment items. Financially, the net effect of these actions will result in having our tax rate fall 2.4 cents. However, none of these cuts were desired or consistent with our goal to maintain programs and staff that offer support and opportunities to our students. It was rewarding to read testaments from former graduates about their appreciation for their experiences in the Rutland City Schools. More needs to be done in the future to address increasing demands and dwindling resources, and the board will continue to do its part.



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