• Doesn't want Rice in Vermont
    May 16,2014
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    Please join me in protesting the invitation of Dr. Condoleezza Rice to speak at Norwich University this June. Rice was — and remains — an unapologetic participant in many efforts that have tarnished the honor of the United States. She knowingly offered false pretenses to justify the Iraq war. She was and unapologetically remains an advocate for torture and “extraordinary renditions,” which were lawlessly employed during her time in office. These practices disgraced our nation and undermined our moral legitimacy; they are widely viewed as war crimes in which Rice is complicit.

    Can Norwich find no other speaker to hold up as an example to its student body than Rice, with her legacy of torture, dishonesty, war-mongering and disregard for the law? Please visit this link to join fellow Vermonters in protesting her visit: www.ipetitions.com/petition/protesting-the-invitation-of-dr-rice.


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