• Let’s take a stand together
    June 01,2014
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    We, the people, you and me, are supposed to be the government. Remember “by the people, for the people”? Are we, the people, asking lobbyists, giving large sums of money, spending millions on ads, to get a law passed to take away our freedom to even know what is in our food — in this case GMOs? Are we, the people, saying, please, do this soon because only government knows best, we will just eat what we are told is good for us and should not have a choice?

    Well, there are some people doing just this, believe it or not. These “people,” as the Supreme Court calls them, Dow, Monsanto, DuPont, etc., don’t want all of the people making their own decisions. I don’t think this is just about GMOs. If the law passed by our homegrown “for the people” Legislature here in Vermont is not defeated (one lawsuit has already been filed by outside interests), then we, the people, will have started to take back our rights or freedoms to decide for ourselves.

    If they defeat the Vermont GMO labeling law, it will be a lot easier to control what is in our food, as we would not have the right to know. This very well could be a turning point in our history, not just for Vermont, but the country as well. We, the people, are back in control.

    The time for thinkers has come, as well as doers. Think for a minute: July Fourth, God bless America, birthday of our free country. Vermont, since the Civil War, has lost per capita more people than most any other state. We have felt the cost.

    Is it we, the people, who are lobbying Congress to cut Veterans Affairs benefits and shift the money to large military contractors? Are we telling Congress to continue giving billions to add to oil company profits? Can we really depend on Congress to lead us? Well, it is time for Vermont to lead again, and it will take all of us. Congress is weakened because it does not work together. So let us stand together as a state, as a people.

    Here in Tinmouth we have added onto our school twice, built a community center, rebuilt barns and homes that have been lost to fire — with volunteers — all working together despite political, religious or different social viewpoints. Vermont recovered by working together after Tropical Storm Irene. It works. So let’s stand together as a state, as a people. Let us celebrate and defend our rights and freedoms this coming Fourth of July. Let’s make a loud upfront pledge of allegiance to these.

    I propose that every town in Vermont hold a bake sale, plant sale, etc., and donate the money to the fund the Vermont Legislature set up to defend the Vermont GMO labeling law. It would not be the money, but more of a statement to the outside special interests that we Vermonters will stand together and they will not just be fighting in the courts.

    Johnny Appleseed shared seeds so others could plant and cultivate the orchards. So grab a seed and plant it in your town. Post on Front Porch Forum, in local media, Facebook, emails, YouTube, whatever, to get the word out. You must get involved. We all must. I am willing to help, but this movement does not need a leader, it needs to come from all of us, or we all lose. So let’s use some of our Vermont humor and start putting signs in our yards letting them know that on Independence Day and beyond, we Vermonters will remain independent.

    Marshall Squier is a resident of Tinmouth.
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