• Dress code has its purpose
    June 03,2014
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    To Ms. Laramie:

    I read your letter re: the irrelevance of a school dress code. You not only did not persuade me, you miss the point entirely. In your world, I am a dinosaur an irrelevant old lady who has no presence on Twitter or Facebook, and I listen to music that has melody. On the other hand, I find absolutely fascinating the pride your generation takes in being totally clueless. Because I am such a generous spirit, Im going to explain the concept of a dress code to you.

    A dress code is not designed to impose on your comfort. It is designed to teach you that some venues are worthy of respect churches and educational institutions among them. It is also intended to teach you to respect your faculty who take the time and trouble each morning to show their respect for you by dressing as they do. I can just imagine the hallway shock and horror chatter if a teacher showed up in itsy-bitsy shorts and bra-less in a plunging T or on the male side gangsta jeans with a peek-a-boo of their boxers and a torn T-shirt.

    I know this is going to be a hard concept to grasp, but try. You said, and I quote, If I want to wear shorts, I should be allowed to wear shorts. From your letter, its clear that youre a smart gal with a mind. Think about what you said. Extend the concept. Think about what society would be like if the credo was if I want to, I should be allowed to. Thats not a world you want to live in. So, when you go back to school in compliance with the dress code, take comfort in knowing that in compliance is respect, and I suspect, a respect you are more than willing to endow.


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